Danial Shaki, Iranian musician and composer, was born on July 18, 1996, in Rasht. His passion for music and playing instruments began in his early years.

Danial Shaki

Danial Shaki

Early Influence and Musical Passion

His father, a keyboard player, sparked Danial’s interest in music. Watching his father play ignited a deep curiosity and passion for musical expression within him.

School Years and Performance

Throughout elementary and middle school, Danial’s musical talents shone brightly. He frequently performed at school events, earning recognition for his skills, especially on occasions like Teacher’s Day. His performances extended to various parties, showcasing his emerging talent.

Danial Shaki Iranian musician

Danial Shaki Iranian musician

High School Involvement and Professional Growth

In high school, Danial joined the Gilan Broadcasting Corporation and the Children’s Unit as a musician, marking a significant milestone in his career. Collaborating with professionals, he contributed his musical talents to numerous projects, gaining exposure to a wider audience.

Danial Shaki’s Musical Projects

Danial Shaki‘s dedication is evident in his completion of over 30 music projects, all achieved through self-taught composition and arrangement. His unique creations have been showcased on Gilan Network and national platforms, solidifying his presence in the music industry.

Danial Shaki’s journey exemplifies the power of passion and determination in pursuing musical aspirations. Through self-guided exploration and collaboration, he has established himself as a notable figure in both local and national music scenes.



Artistic Achievements and Projects

  • Member of the Jury at the First National and International Fajr Music Festival in the Provincial Section (Gilan): Spring 1401
  • Composer at the Gilan Radio and Television Center since 1397
  • Musician and composer for the Children’s Section at the Gilan Radio and Television Center since 1397
  • Production of the Children’s Program Title Sequence for Gilan Radio and Television Center: From 1397 to 1402
  • Composition of Children’s Theater Music for “Kakoli and Dani Dana,” Directed by Ibrahim Hassanzadeh: April 2014
  • Children’s Theater Performance “Little Dolls,” Directed by Ibrahim Hassanzadeh: July 2016
  • Musician for Organizational and Non-Organizational Performances since 1393
  • Musician for the National Congress of 8000 Martyrs in Gilan Province: April 2016
  • Various commissioned compositions honoring martyrs, veterans, and special occasions commissioned by organizations in Gilan Province, spanning from 1396 to 1402.
Danial Shaki Musician

Danial Shaki Musician


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