Morteza Khademian’s Journey: A Tale of Dedication and Excellence

Morteza Khademian, an Iranian bodybuilder born on December 31, 1990, in Shiraz, Iran, is a well-known figure in the world of bodybuilding and Taekwondo. His athletic path began at the age of 6 with gymnastics, later transitioning to Taekwondo, where he achieved provincial championships in both sports. Concurrently, Khademian dedicated himself to bodybuilding, starting in 2009.Today, Morteza Khademian is a prominent figure in Iranian bodybuilding, serving as both an official bodybuilding referee and coach. His dedication and expertise have led him to victory in numerous prestigious competitions, including international championships.

Morteza Khademian

Morteza Khademian


Physical Attributes:

Height: ۱۸۵ cm

Weight: ۸۵ kg


  • Dubai Muscle Show World Champion, Dubai 2018
  • Champion of Iranian students 2018, member of the national student team, Qom province, Iran
  • Champion of Bitoclassic Cup, Tehran, Iran 2017
  • Champion of Fars Province, Shiraz, Iran (2016, 2017, 2019, 2023)
  • Taekwondo champion of Fars province, Shiraz, Iran 2003
Morteza Khademian Iranian bodybuilder

Morteza Khademian Iranian bodybuilder


  • Official referee of bodybuilding, received referee’s booklet 2018
  • Official coach of bodybuilding, received coach’s evidence 2021
  • Specialized certificate of fitness and corrective movements, Iran 2016
  • Certificate of specialized training in complementology and doping complications, Iran 2016
  • Bodybuilding programming certificate, Iran 2017
  • Certificate of familiarity with the basics of bodybuilding refereeing, Iran 2018
  • Certificate of familiarity with sports supplements, Iran 2018
  • Certificate of familiarity with doping complications, Iran 2018

Morteza Khademian’s journey showcases dedication, discipline, and determination in the pursuit of athletic excellence, serving as an inspiration to aspiring athletes both domestically and internationally.


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