Meet Rozhina Khodabandeh, Iranian Brightest Psychologist

Rozhina Khodabandeh, an Iranian psychologist and counselor, was born on December 21, 1996, in Bandar Abbas, Iran. Since her early years, she has shown a keen interest in psychology and its ability to address various challenges individuals face. She completed her bachelor’s degree at Islamic Azad University in Islamshahr and her master’s degree at Azad University in Garmsar. Fluent in Persian, English, and Turkish, her linguistic skills enhance her professional practice and communication.

Rozhina Khodabandeh

Rozhina Khodabandeh

Contributions to the Counseling Community: Rozhina Khodabandeh’s Impact in Tehran

Throughout her career of over two years, Khodabandeh has become a recognized figure in the counseling and psychology scene of Tehran. She has worked as a counselor at prominent clinics like Khaneh Shireen and Zehn Ziba, providing therapy to individuals dealing with various psychological issues. Additionally, she has made significant contributions to the counseling team at Razi Hospital, offering support to patients in need of psychological assistance.

Rozhina Khodabandeh Iranian psycologist

Rozhina Khodabandeh Iranian psycologist

Dedication to Social Welfare: Volunteer Work with Children

Rozhina Khodabandeh is dedicated to social welfare, volunteering her time at the Behnam Dehshpour Charity to offer emotional support to children with cancer. Influenced by her mother, a healthcare professional, Khodabandeh recognized the importance of mental well-being and pursued a career in psychology, specializing in couples therapy.

Expertise in Couples Therapy: Rozhina Khodabandeh’s Research and Practice

Her expertise lies in couples therapy, where she focuses on nurturing healthy relationships and fostering marital harmony. Through her research on predicting marital intimacy in couples undergoing infertility treatment, she aims to empower couples to navigate challenges and strengthen their bonds. Outside of her professional life, Khodabandeh finds joy in her own marriage, showcasing her commitment to personal growth and relational harmony.

Personal Commitment to Relational Harmony

Overall, Rozhina Khodabandeh is a distinguished figure in the field of counseling and psychology, using her expertise to facilitate positive transformations in individuals and couples. With her dedication to compassion, understanding, and resilience, she continues to inspire others on their journey towards psychological well-being and fulfillment.

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